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Our Story

For the last 35 years, Rohn Hein, CFP™ has helped clients review their goals and build financial plans to achieve peace of mind for their retirement years.

Originally from Ohio, he settled in New Jersey in 1978 after years of community organizing work in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York. Rohn has worked with community groups of senior citizens, environmentalists, housing activists, and welfare rights recipients.

Fully licensed as an investment advisor in 1985, Rohn brought his work values to the field of financial planning. He worked as a founder and partner in a broker/dealer and insurance agency before joining American Portfolios. Obtaining the credentials of Certified Financial Practitioner, CFP™, he began Rohn Hein Associates in 2003. In 2021, Rohn brought on Michael Dunican, his son, as an assistant in preparation for his full licensing as an investment advisor.

Client Centered

We have helped hundreds of clients make the right decision with:

· Investments

· Retirement planning

· Insurance protection

· High medical expenses in retirement

· Comprehensive estate planning including legal documents

· Tax savings

As a Certified Financial Planner serving the Delaware Valley, we can help you to meet your retirement and other financial goals.

Michael graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers University – New Brunswick in 2011. After graduation, he worked in small food businesses where he absorbed an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethic of service. In 2014, Michael co-founded a worker-cooperative in Philadelphia that operated for five years before it was sold in 2019. Michael has also provided bookkeeping services and management to some of the most exciting small businesses in Philadelphia. He is eager to bring his fresh perspective to Rohn Hein Associates and the changing economic landscape.