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Our Approach

We believe in listening attentively and truly understanding who you are. We use the traditional financial planning process with a concentrated focus on you to help achieve your goals. We are interested in the total person so that our recommendations will reflect your needs. We will expand the horizons of financial opportunities for you to consider to achieve success.

Client Centered

We’ll review:

  • Your attitude toward money

  • Your hopes and aspirations

  • Cash flow

  • Current investments

  • Healthcare concerns and insurance protection

  • Personal and familial experiences with past financial advisors

We believe that understanding the past is essential so that we build on your successes and avoid future mistakes. We use our experience to introduce you to new ideas and concepts.

Implementation is crucial to meet the needs of any financial plan. Your selection of investments may not only include an analysis of what you wish to achieve financially but may also reflect your values.

Our services are not limited to investments, as they are not the sole component of a financial plan. A discussion of healthcare needs is essential in ensuring all legal documents are in order to assure the proper management of assets and their future distribution.

Continual contact throughout the year is provided, in addition to quarterly financial statements with written commentary about current events. Phone calls are returned promptly and personal visits, electronically or in person, are always available.